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Hard to find auto parts

Are you having trouble finding the part you need?  At Old School Auto Parts we are located in the center of the largest car market in the world, Southern California.  The largest variety of makes, models and years.  That means we have access to the most parts.

We also know how frustrating it can be to, not being able to find the part you need.  Weather it is a restoration of a vintage car, the repair of the old family wagon or something special for the new toy. we can help.

We're willing and able to help.  Please email us all the information you can about your hard to find part.

What part is it?

What is the year , make and model of your vehicle?

What is the VIN (if possible)?

What engine?

What transmission?

Any other information that is pertinent to your part.

The more you can tell us the better our chance of helping locate your hard to find auto parts.  Send us an email cantfindit@oldschoolauptparts.com

The search probably will take some time.  We'll personally let you know we've received your request and will do our best to help you locate your hard to find auto part.